Graduation Day in UAE: Cool ways to celebrate with balloons!

graduation Graduation balloons

That moment is finally here! The big day...when it is your child’s Graduation day! After years of studying, learning, hardwork, right from preschool & nursery days, it’s taken over a decade to finally reach this milestone! A super proud moment for the student and parents equally, with their hearts swelling with pride as they watch their little ones now grown and ready to graduate! The entire journey leading up to the moment of graduation needs to be recognized and celebrated in the most special way. This is where one chapter of their life is over and a new exciting chapter begins as they step into the real world, away from home, for higher studies and jobs!

Each year, Graduation Day is awaited with much eagerness by families, students and teachers, to be a part of the students step on the stage with trembling excitement, to receive their certificates donned in the traditional gown & cap, amid the loud cheers and clapping by an auditorium packed with enthusiastic parents, friends & family. It’s every graduate’s moment of glory & pride and is normally followed by anoverflow of emotions of joy, tears, hugs, fun & laughter by the groups of friends who’ve cemented their friendships over the it all culminates in one great evening of happiness and euphoria!

Unfortunately, with the Corona virus pandemic since last year,thousands of children across the world had to miss out on the experience, the sheer thrill & joy of the traditional ceremony and graduation party. Exams were cancelled, students’ lives were turned upside down as they had to adapt to new ways of learning, the shift to online classes at home. They’ve had to undergo maximum adjustments and in addition, teachers have had to overnight change to a new method of teaching online and ensure seamless transition from school to online learning. They’ve done such a brilliant job and really they are the true superheroes for our children! And not to forget parents who deserve an equal recognition for their constant support & encouragement in ensuring that their children successfully tide over their frustrations, disappointments and make it through the crucial year amid these troubled times.


After almost an year spent largely at home, coping with the new system of learning; one thing all children would really wish for and look forward to is to celebrate their achievements in style! The celebrations would revolve solely around them and theiraccomplishments! Rest assured there is no reason to be disappointed, as there are still various fantastic alternatives to celebrate this milestone safely and make the day as memorable & fun and we are right here to help you with the same!

A virtual party with friend, family, siblings in honor of the graduate is a fantastic option. Surprise him with a congratulatory speech, some great advice for his future & words of wisdom from family, raise a toast and pop a bottle! You could even makea video, a slideshow or a photo collage of your son or daughter through the years of schooling .Take a walk down the memory lane ...with friends sharing special, crazy, funny stories mingled with laughter and maybe even a lump in the throat or moistened beautiful is that!

And for all of us in Dubai, it’s such a Blessing to be here in these times. We can arrange a small celebration for the childrenat home , a little get together in the backyard with close friendswith a couple of burgers, pizzas, a cake and add an element of fun & celebration with our gorgeous balloons to set the party rolling!!! Yes, we are gearing up and are ready to make your day completely hassle free, stress free and so very extra special! We promise you a smooth process of decorating your place, some cool creativity & a whole lot of love that is sure to wow and honor the graduate! Some of the things we could do for you include a huge bunch of balloons or a personalizedballoon with the graduate’s name and congratulatory message that can make him feel so special. An exquisite balloon installation in the colors of the school, filling up the entire spaceor giant balloon displays for the party would definitely rise to the occasion! Or even an attractive colorful balloon arch incolors of your choice will look as grand & beautiful for that perfect photo shoot and that’ll be as lovely as a background for any virtual party, creating memories that will be etched in our hearts forever. There are so many creative ideas using the humble balloon to jazz up the day; we would love to explore options for you, with you, to fit in perfectly with all that you have in mind and more .There is surely no such thing as too little or too many balloons! We will be waiting for you to get in touch with us!

Well done and heartfelt congratulations once again to the teachers, parents and students most importantly, who redefined and reshaped the new way of learning and successfully navigated the year with flying colors! A pat on the back; take a well deserved break, time to breathe, enjoy & shake a leg or two!! Let the party begin! Cheers!


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