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Love is in the Air: Valentine's Day Balloon and Flower Decorations to Spice Up Your Celebration!

Valentines Day Balloons

Welcome to our enchanted world of balloons and flowers, where love takes flight and celebrations come alive! With Valentine's Day just around the corner, it's the perfect time to dive into the magic of balloon and red roses decorations

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Graduation Day in UAE: Cool ways to celebrate with balloons!

graduation Graduation balloons

That moment is finally here! The big day...when it is your child’s Graduation day! After years of studying, learning, hardwork, right from preschool & nursery days, it’s taken over a decade to finally reach this milestone! A super proud moment for the student and parents equally, with their hearts swelling with pride as they watch their little ones now grown and ready to graduate! The entire journey leading up to the moment of graduation needs to be recognized and celebrated in the most special way. This is where one chapter of their life is over and a new exciting chapter...

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Birthday Celebrations amid the Pandemic & Beyond

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Year 2020 was a year associated with the outbreak of Covid-19, lockdowns, job losses, disappointments, gratitude and more; a year that will not be forgotten for a long, long time by anyone, especially by the event industry. Balloon Delivery Shops in Dubai like Balloons on the Go were met with a very unexpected challenge During the global pandemic, the event industry across the world was hugely impacted, suffering financial losses running into billions of dollars. Small, local businesses, event organizers, balloon delivery stores, surprise balloon decorators found themselves out of jobs, stuck at home with no income. With so much uncertainty, the real...

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