How long will balloons last?   

11” latex balloons generally last between 10‐12 hours filled with helium, and about 2‐3 days when treated with Hi‐Float. Foil balloons last approx. 3‐5 days. Air‐filled balloons generally last for a couple of weeks, but will not float.  


What is Hi‐Float?  

Hi‐Float is a liquid protective coating that is inserted into the balloon and spread around to prevent helium from escaping as quickly. It is water‐soluble and non‐toxic.  There is an extra cost for treating balloons with Hi Float or any similar solution


What does it cost to have balloons at my event?

We treat each event with special care and attention, so it is difficult to give a general pricelist on our website. Certain contributing factors are the distance to job site, time frame to setup the job, and the type of décor selected. Please speak with one of our event planners to discuss designs, themes and pricing.  


Why can’t I just blow balloons up the day before my event?

If you are using foil balloons, you should have no problems. But latex balloons must be treated with Hi‐Float in order to ensure that they float longer than 24 hours.


Do you charge a delivery fee and if so what is it?

There is a delivery and installation fee on all balloon decorating jobs.  Please speak to an event planner regarding the fees.   


Is there a minimum order for delivery?

Yes, there is a minimum order for delivery. AED 150 for Dubai, AED 500 for Sharjah and AED 1000 for Abu Dhabi.


Is there a delivery charge?

Yes irrepective of order amount - there is a delivery charge of AED 25 for Dubai, AED 80 for Sharjah (case to case basis)

**Promotion: Free delivery in dubai over 500 AED


How can I avail my discount?

The discount is available only on the second orders for value worth above AED 500.


What is our refund policy?

There is no refund on the order if the order is prepared (will show proof) or 15 hours before delivery time.

If you cancel your order 15 hours before delivery time, you can get a 95% refund back on the same card you paid on (5% is the bank fee that we have to deduct) provided we have not inflated the balloons. It will take 5-7 working days to receive the refund


What are your payment terms:

All orders need to be paid 100% in advance. You can book your date and slot at 50% advance, and pay the remaining 50% 1 day prior to the setup date